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Secure identification using smart cards and smartphones

The new generation of readers

Getting access using a smartphone
Identification is performed similarly to contactless payments, the user simply has to hold a smartphone against the card reader. iOS and Android smartphones are supported.
RGB indication
The indicator supports 16 million colors. Brightness is changed smoothly.
Sounds like a smartphone
Use your tunes or sounds to customize the reader's response to system events.
Configuration via wireless network
You do not have to dismantle the reader to configure it. You just need to install the application and then you can update your device remotely.

One reader, lots of features

The new Sigur MR1 reader is designed for secure identification using smartphones and cards of various types. This is the first device of the new generation of Sigur products that combine innovative technical solutions, elegant design and many years of experience in the development of access control platforms.
Secure identification
The reader supports the following Mifare card types: Classic, DESFire, Plus (including the SL3 mode).
Works with bank cards
You can use regular bank cards, which support contactless payments instead of special access cards.
Getting access using a smartphone
You can use any mobile device (iOS of Android) to identify yourself.
Easy to use and high-performance
Hassle-free and natural identification thanks to high reading range and speed. The reader does not depend on the type of identifier and the mode of operation.
Hands free
Easy access without having to pull the card out of your pocket. The reader supports long-range identification using a smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy.
Flexible configuration
Any customer scenarios can be flexibly implemented using the full color indication unit and high quality speaker for various events.
Easy to maintain
There is a mobile application that allows you to quickly configure your device without dismantling it. Soon the developers will add the functionality to perform centralized updates when you connect to the controllers via OSDP.
Communication standards
You can use standard communication interfaces to connect to the ACS controller. Wiegand is supported now (OSDP will be added soon).
Built-in sensors to monitor the status of the device. The reader will warn the administrator of any faults. In addition, the device operates at low temperatures and is protected from dust and moisture.

Technical specification

Identifier types
  • MifareUltralight, Classic, Mini, ID, Plus, DESFire including the Mifare Plus SL3 mode
  • Contactless bank cardsMasterCard, Visa, МИР
  • Smartphones (Android, iOS)Android or iOS via BLE
  • Any ISO14443-A identifiers
Reading range
  • 4-9 cmDepending on the card type and operation mode
Output interfaces
  • Wiegand with configurable bit count26, 34, 58, etc.
  • 90х90х12 mm
Working temperature range
  • -25°C to +55°C
Ingress protection rating
  • IP65
Power supply voltage
  • 12 V8 to 14 V
Consumption current
  • 90 mA (standby)
  • 120 mA (card reading)
Indicating unit
  • 3 control inputsFlexible 3-line algorithms, including RGB indication and sound (PCM 16 bit 44 kHz mono .wav)
Diagnostic tools
  • Built-in self-diagnostic toolsHousing opening sensor system, temperature sensor, power supply voltage sensor

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