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Sigur controllers

Sigur controllers are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum reliability and robustness of your access control system. They are protected against interference, overload and installation mistakes.

General information

Decisions on whether to grant access or not are made instantly and completely independently due to built-in autonomous non-volatile RAM. When connection with the server is restored, the events are automatically sent to the server of your physical access control system. The date and time of the event are registered according to the integrated real-time clock.

E10 series


Sigur E10 controller is designed to control a variety of access control equipment, including doors, turnstiles, boom barriers, gates, etc. Key advantages of this controller are an extended temperature range and a large internal autonomous non-volatile RAM. All access rules are implemented by the controller autonomously.

Depending on the settings, one controller can simultaneously control four doors. In fact, different types of access control equipment can be used in any combinations, including simultaneous control of a door and a turnstile, two turnstiles, four doors, etc.

Auxiliary equipment, such as card collectors, alcometers, traffic lights etc., can be connected directly to the controller. No interface cards or other similar devices needed.


Access points: Up to four access points: doors, turnstiles, gates or barriers
depending on the configuration and availability of terminals
Autonomous non-volatile RAM: 96 000 identifiers
30 000 time zones
400 000 events
Networking interface: Ethernet
Reader interface: Wiegand-26, 34, 37, 42, 58
Wiegand-4, 6, 8 (for keyboard)
Dallas Touch Memory
Temperature range: -40 to +50°C
Warranty: 5 years

Connection to an IP network

Sigur E10 controllers can be directly connected to a local network. This is why they are highly efficient at sites with developed IP infrastructure and make wiring much easier. The number of controllers that can be connected to an IP network is unlimited.

The IP network used can be of any complexity and scale and the controllers can, among other options, communicate over the Internet.