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Identification using proximity cards
Identification using bank cards
Secure identification based on Mifare cards             
Identification using a smartphone   brand new
Fingerprint biometrics
Iris biometrics
Palm vein biometrics
Facial recognition   brand new
Identification of vehicles
Identification using barcode
Identification using PIN code

Access control

Setting access rules
Mobile terminal
Request permit of security guard
Zone capacity limitation
Multifactor identification
Two persons rule / Only if accompanied
Interlocking door mode
Employees and vehicles inspection
Briefing control
Override access denial

Equipment control

Card collectors
Barriers / Gates / Bollards
Integrated wireless lock systems
Traffic lights and displays
Key management systems
Reader indication control

Time & attendance

Work schedules for employees
Time & attendance reports
Register justification documents
Timezones support
Upload events to external system

Multipurpose security system

Integration with CCTV
Integration with security and fire alarm systems
Events monitoring
Graphic floor plans
Auto-switching door modes
Set up responses to events
E-mail / Telegram / Viber notifications
Emergency door release
Emergency evacuation report
Integration with breathalyzers
Integration with fever detection systems   brand new

System administration

Employee management
Badge editor
Synchronization with the third-party database
Users rights policy
Integration with Active Directory
Upload events to the third-party system
Delegation to the third-party systems
Cross-platform (Windows / Linux)
Status monitoring of the system elements

Visitor management

Guest passes
Approval of guest requests
Document recognition

Payment automation

Paid access
Cashless payments