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A modern access control system is one of many components that ensure operation of an organization. To ensure compatibility of Sigur with other systems, we offer standard integration modules and, where necessary, can develop new custom modules.

Integration with video surveillance systems

Sigur supports integration with a number of video surveillance systems and IP cameras directly connected to the physical access control system. Sigur server can simultaneously interact with any number of video surveillance servers of any type.

Currently, the following video surveillance systems are integrated: Trassir, Milestone, Domination, Ewclid, Macroscop, Liniya, VideoNet, Intellect, Axxon Next, Exacq, Panasonic, ISS, NomerOK and Revisor VMS.

Integration with security and fire alarm systems

Sigur is compatible with the following security and fire alarm systems: Orion integrated security systems (BOLID security and fire alarm systems), Rubezh security and fire alarm systems. This feature enables you to monitor and manage your alarm zones directly from the interface of your physical access control system. You can also set Sigur responses to certain events in the security and fire alarm system such as the system can automatically unlock all doors in case of an emergency.

Integration with breathalyzers

Sigur supports integration with the following breathalyzers: Dingo V-01 and V-02, Alcoframe (Laser Systems Scientific and Production Company) and Alcobarrier. This feature will check your employees at checkpoint and will deny access to the workplace if an employee is intoxicated.

The key feature of Sigur integration with breathalyzers is that the system will provide accurate results in per mille and create reports based on the obtained data. Besides, the system offers flexible configuration of testing logic for different groups of employees. This functionality is completely independent.

Integration with wireless locks

Sigur allows you to use wireless locks of various manufacturers together with standard PACS controllers. You can easily and conveniently control them from Sigur interface as your usual access points.

Currently, Sigur supports following wireless locking systems: Salto, Aperio (Assa Abloy), Simons Voss and OSS-compatible locks (previously known as SOAA standard).

Integration with biometrics

Sigur is deeply integrated with biometric readers of different manufacturers, including BioSmart, Anviz and Eyelock. The core feature is administration of biometric templates directly from the PACS interface.

At present, the following devices are compatible and supported by the system: BioSmart 4, 5, WTC2, PV-WTC as well as Anviz C2, М5, T5, P7, EyeLock Nano NXT, etc.

Additionally, any biometric readers with standard output interfaces, including other fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, hand geometry scanners, etc., can be used for identification in Sigur systems.

Facial recognition

You can use an inbuilt facial recognition system for employee identification in Sigur as well as recognition algorithms of third-party systems, including Trassir, Macroscop, Intellect, VisionLabs as well as FindFace by NTechLab, recognized globally as the fastest and most precise facial recognition technology.

To use this functionality, you do not have to use any specific equipment: in most cases, almost any IP camera and an up-to-date PC will be enough.

Integration with Active Directory

Sigur can be integrated with Active Directory. This feature enables automatic blocking of accounts in Active Directory if the employees are physically not present in the permitted territory. Additionally, it enables synchronization of the list of employees in the physical access control system with Active Directory if you have the Data Sync module installed.

Integration with other systems

A&A, Universe Soft, ClubIS and TNG represent a range of solutions for fitness clubs, sports facilities and health resorts.

Cognitive Passport and ABBYY PassportReader SDK are intended for automated registration of ID documents.