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Integration with fever detection systems

June 16, 2020

Sigur is compatible with Hikvision fever detection systems. This integration will enable the company to quickly and efficiently measure the temperature on a large scale to ensure health and safety of your employees and to stop potentially infected people from entering your premises.

The integration is subject to additional licensing.

Integration with True IP intercom systems has been added to Sigur

March 26, 2020

This integration enables the operator to save all information about permitted cards in the memory of the entrance panel and sync the data if it has been subsequently changed in the ACS database.

You will also be able to obtain information about all access events and use it alongside with other system events to generate reports or view them in the archive.

The integration is subject to additional licensing.

Unified Sigur Integration Protocol for CCTV Analytics

March 12, 2020

We have created a protocol that will help developers of video surveillance systems and recognition algorithms independently integrate their systems with Sigur and use face or number plate recognition for access control purposes.

To start the integration process, please contact Sigur technical support team and specify your problem and we will help you find optimal tools and solutions to make your integration work.

New Sigur integration with Rivisor VMS

March 10, 2020

Sigur is now integrated with Revisor VMS video surveillance system. Now, you can access both live streams and archived videos from your video surveillance system directly from your ACS interface, both on Windows and Linux operated workstations.

Revisor VMS is also integrated with Sigur on the side of the video surveillance system and can receive events from Sigur and respond to them as set by the user.

PROIPVideo 2020, Moscow, March 19

March 5, 2020

Sigur takes part in a conference for developers of video surveillance systems, PROIPvideo 2020, held in Moscow on March 19, 2020. The event is hosted by Videomax.

At the event, Denis Sokolov, head of Sigur software development team, will present a topic of two-factor authentication using video surveillance biometrics.

New features to monitor the system’s health

January 9, 2020

Sigur provides the capability of monitoring the status of devices connected to the system and allows the user to set up auto notifications and alarms about events that require urgent response using built-in monitoring functionality of the system.

If you want to learn more about the parameters being monitored and which notifications and alarms (in case of certain troubles or abnormalities) can be set up, visit the relevant page of our website.

Improved Sigur integration with Simons Voss and Salto wireless locks

November 18, 2019

Now, when Simons Voss wireless locks are used, the user will be able to see the status of connection with hubs and receive notifications when the connection is lost or restored, which can be important for assessment of the system performance in general.

Now, Salto integration (via SHIP) supports Unicode, which means that the names of the employees will be shown in Salto in the Cyrillic font, not in the Latin alphabet as was the case previously.

Sigur participates in All-Over-IP 2019 Forum, on November 20–22, Moscow

November 11, 2019

Sigur will take part in All-Over-IP Forum where, together with other manufacturers, will present a holistic approach to organization of a security system. The forum will be held on November 20–22 in Moscow.

At our partner’s display, Milestone will present a complex integrated solution, which includes several security products from Sigur, Milestone, Speech Technology Center, Axis and Videomax.

In addition to this solution, Sigur will demonstrate other capabilities of Sigur system: Sigur MR1 BLE smartphone reader, integration with biometric readers (example of Anviz), alcometers (example of Alcobarrier), integration with security and fire alarm systems (example of Bolid).

Sigur participates in Bezpeka 2019, Kiev, October 22–25

October 15, 2019

Sigur will present their products at one of the largest security trade fairs in the Ukrainian market, Bezpeka 2019, which will be held on October 22–25, 2019 in Kiev.

НAt our partner’s display, Smart Security, Ukrainian security specialists will learn about the key functionality of our access control and time and attendance system for organizations of various sizes, integration with AlcoFor S40 alcometers, integrated facial recognition system and Sigur MR1 BLE wireless card and smartphone readers. We will also answer any technical questions.

Bezpeka 2019 Trade Fair will take place on October 22–25, 2019 at KyivExpoPlaza. This event is one of the leading industry trade fairs in Ukraine and showcases the full range of security innovations for various applications.