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Sigur solutions

These solutions are designed to solve specific security challenges of each type of the facilities listed, taking into account their specific environments and needs.

Industrial enterprises

For large Industrial facilities Sigur offers flexible access control for employees and vehicles, allows to manage intense traffic of people at checkpoints and organize time-tracking for different work schedules and protect the site against unauthorized access by intruders and theft of corporate property.

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Business centers

Sigur offers a specialized solution for administrative buildings and business centers that provides access control for buildings and adjacent territories such as parking.

Unlimited number of workplaces for tenants and automated workstations for security and pass and registration offices. An option of automated issuance and collection of guest badges and flexible scalability of the system.

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Large educational institutions (universities, colleges, etc.)

A majority of educational institutions such as universities, colleges, technical schools, etc. are large organizations with a complex infrastructure and as such the physical access control system in these organizations must be interconnected with other systems already existing within the organization as much as possible.

Sigur specialized solution for educational institutions helps solve challenges of physical access control taking into account the specific nature of this type of organizations, including constant updates of an ever-changing student database, interactions with a large number of third-party systems and great territorial distribution (several academic buildings and hostels).

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Fitness centers, swimming pools

Sigur solution for fitness clubs, swimming pools and health resorts provides not just physical access control functionality but offers capabilities of managing all business processes in these organizations.

Membership management, booking and attendance tracking, retail sales at fitness bar and managing clients’ accounts, marketing campaigns and their efficiency and integration with existing fitness solutions make Sigur a convenient tool for these organizations.

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Hotels and hospitality industry

Sigur standard solution for hotels is a tool for access control, which also enables power supply control and direct connectivity between security alarm devices and controllers.

Functionality of the software helps automate the operations of the staff and assess their performance by analyzing multiple reports. Sigur can be integrated with specialized hotel software.

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Small office (up to 50 employees)

This Sigur solution is designed for small offices and provides access control in an organization with minimum investments.

Employees are provided with contactless access cards (or other IDs). The employees show their access cards every time they enter or exit the premises. An emergency unlock button is placed in case of emergency.

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